Inspiration For Your Christmas Dining Table

Christmas Dining Table Inspiration

I always loved going home for Christmas and helping my mum set the table on Christmas Eve, that way we were all organised for the big feast the next day! In the last number of years, Christmas day dinner has moved location to my own home, especially since the arrival of our baby Charlie last year.

To date, I still follow the same traditions in my own home, setting the table the night before and getting most of the prep work done so I can relax and enjoy the day instead of spending it at the cooker. However, I must give credit to mum as she still makes the turkey and ham. Nothing compares to mum’s Christmas turkey and honey glazed ham!

Over the years my table setting has changed as my interior style has developed. I always like to match my dinner sets to the colour scheme in the kitchen, although this has changed in recent years as I have developed a more neutral style. During our day to day meals, I generally refrain from using placemats or a tablecloth however Christmas Day dinner is a special occasion, so I like to pull out all the stops and use my linen placemats. 

Over the years, I have purchased a centrepiece from local florists but this year I am hoping to get a little creative myself and Pinterest has become my best friend.

I find the key to a stress-less and enjoyable day is organisation and a clock timer is my best friend. I like to ensure all the trimming are finished cooking at a similar time, so they don’t dry out is the key. It does help though when dinner guests arrive on time!

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