Measuring Up For Sofas

sofa measuring

Purchasing a new sofa is almost always completed in various stages, finding that balance between comfort and style can sometimes prove quite difficult. Our expert staff is on hand to help marry the two together and create your dream sofa. However, preparation is key in choosing your new sofa. We have compiled a few helpful hints and tips to make your journey to comfort easier.

Your Old Sofa

Have you got an existing suite of furniture in the room you are replacing? This is a good place to start, have a look at your sofa and see if you are happy with its size, or do you need to look at smaller options, or can you afford to go larger? You can then use these measurements as a base for comparison when choosing new furniture.

Where to Measure

In measuring a sofa, you need to look at the widest parts of the sofa. This is generally from the outer arm across the front of the sofa to the far outer arm, you might need some help to hold the tape in place to get an accurate measurement. Take measurements in centimetres. When looking at the depth of the sofa, it is worthwhile to note that most backs are at a slight angle. What I find easiest is to move the sofa up to a fixed surface, such as a wall and measure from the wall out to the front of the seats thus getting the overall depth of the sofa.

The Entrance

You’ve chosen a sofa that fits the room. What else is there to think about? Gaining access to the room is often overlooked but this is vital in making the experience as seamless as possible. Don’t forget Ross’s experience in ‘Friends’, PIVOT.


Look at your home and the access points to the room. Is the front door a standard size? Is there adequate turning space in the hallway? Do you have double doors into your living room? In most cases, the back of the couch is removable and can be brought into your home in sections and clipped into place in your living room.

Your Living Room

If you are lucky enough to be starting from scratch and have a blank canvas, take some masking tape or newspaper and place this on the floor to the exact measurements of the sofa you are considering. This will give you an indication as to the space you will have left in the room along with walking space, doors opening, whether you will be able to fit a lamp table at the end of the sofa, etc.

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