12 Do’s & Don’ts for Wood Flooring

cleaning a wooden floor

Your Ultimate Guide to Maintaining Wooden Floors

Wood is one of the most popular flooring options in Ireland. It’s a great way to add style and value to your home and can last more than 100 years if treated right. That’s why we’ve carved out (we love a good pun!) 12 important Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to caring for your wooden floors that we think will expand your wooden floor lifespan.


  • Put a mat at the entrance of your home, keeping dirt to a minimum
  • If you have long wooden corridors, break it up in sections with matching rugs to prevent damage. Alternate the locations of the rugs over time to keep your floor in good shape.
  • Vacuum floors with brush attachments or if you want to be extra careful, sweep
  • Keep your pet’s nails trimmed. Hardwood floors are pet-friendly but the finish can get damaged over time.
  • Use furniture pads on all sofas, chairs and tables. Every time you sit on a sofa or chair it can scrape and damage the finish.
  • Hire a professional floor fitter to install your wood flooring.
  • Clean your floor with a PH neutral wooden floor cleaning spray and microfibre mop.

living room


  • Don’t use a steam mop or sudsy water on hardwood floors. Steamers are for tiles or lino only and can cause serious damage to wood floors.
  • Don’t allow stains to go untreated. Spillages and pet accidents should be addressed immediately. If the accident occurs on a rug, make sure to clean the rug and the wood floor underneath.
  •  Don’t use water or cleaning solutions. This can cause warping in the wood and can permanently stain the wood.
  • Don’t drag furniture along the floor. If you’re moving heavy furniture make sure to lift completely off the ground. If you have a heavy wide chest of drawers, make it easier for yourself to move by taking out the contents inside before lifting.
  • Don’t install wood flooring in rooms with excessive moisture i.e. a bathroom.

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